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///// Joint Operation Details /////
SE6 Recovery One 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 17th Dec 2016
////// 2017 Joint Operation Details //////

/////////////////////////////////////////­/////////////////JOINT OP INFORMATION////////////////////////////////////////­//////////////////

I know a lot of you were not able to make the meeting so here are the early details. Know this is all precursor discussion and could be subject to change so... Here's what we know so far. 

Three primary factions will be working together in this Joint Operation. It will contain I believe four different Units Totaling around 60 people:
>  Ourselves as one team(8 slots reserved), and a single quest to work with us from the German team as a pilot by request.
>  Two units from TWC(Brits), one of which is their primary infantry group, and the other component being paratroopers, which I understand to be their higher trained Special Forces.
>  Last but not least, the well rounded German infantry from Apeiros also working as a smaller 8 man pathfinder group.

So far the Mission time frame is to take place in the Cold War era
and we expect the time of year to be deep in the winter, so we hope to see very inclement weather.

Our vehicle assets will be light armored vehicles, and possibly jeeps for the infantry. Sicarius will also operate 2-3 Helicopters using the Huey as our workhorse. 

Enemy presence will be in the form of infantry, and I heard talk of Tanks and other light mechanized units like BMPs

The locale is set for Northwest Germany so expect large rolling hills, great open expanses, thick Forrest, and small rural areas.  

The Operation date is set tentatively for February 25th with a mods check and server load bearing test to take place the week before(February 18th). 

I'll work to put countdown timers to all upcoming events on the page to help keep track, so check our site in two days, and everything should be accurate and up to date! 

Any questions? Comment below and don't forget to vote for us, so we can maintain our place in the top 5. 

Thanks guys!
- Recovery One

17th Dec 2016 SE5 TazMania720
Hmmm.....Feb 25th is a strong possibility for me! Hopefully this works out for all of us.
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