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SE6 Recovery One 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 24th Feb 2016
Good Afternoon gentlemen!!

We have added yet another glorious year of fun, memorable, experiences. We've forged new international relations with other clans, and have managed to adapt and streamline many of our processes. I want to thank everyone for their professional decorum and adhering to our ethos.

Looking back on the last year was significant for us. We've got a great website, we've held a top tier position in the Iclans community list for Arma based groups, we've received some donations, all of which are generous, and we've even had some people receive merchandise! Looking back over the last chapter I wanted to share some of those stats with you guys. 

On our peak day we reached a staggering 940 views in one day
We teeter around an average of 560+ views a month
We've achieved 646+ votes for our Iclan page. 
At our peak we held the number two position for all Arma groups, but we sit at fourth. I'm still excited that we've been in the top five since our launch and that is no small feat. 
On the YouTube side of things, you guys will become more famous! My personal YouTube channel has received 1000+ views. 
We've been monitoring the trends, and it appears shorter videos are the ideal way to draw people in. 
We've also reached a total of 47 members enrolled. That's great news, but we obviously don't run into 47 SE members online at one time, so this is something we need to rectify by reaching out to those inactive members, and new guys to get them in the fold.

This year looks promising, I'm glad to see we are finding more like minded people to play and share these missions/memories with. In the upcoming year with this many participants I can't see why we can't tackle or annihilate anything. 

Now lets get down to some items on the agenda. 
We will be Re-establishing the weekly meeting night. This meeting is really more a brain trust, An open door/ open floor area where we can plan and strategize  for mission or clan success. It also is the best way to keep members involved, track attendance, get your feedback and work on tailoring game-play and events to your preferences. So participation on your part is integral! 

All will be addressed in the meeting to come, so I'd like to ask SE4's and higher to brainstorm on some key topics related to enrollment and retention. For everyone else, I'd like you to make a note of topics you'd like to bring to the table. 

Also in the way of moving forward, we have a new mod pack. I'm happy to release the 5th version of our modset and I hope that I've been able to address concerns, and add features we've asked for. If your request was not added, it could be a myriad of reasons, most likely it is do to size constraint as it was reliant on additional content to function properly, or the version was not in keeping with the mod-set standards. If it's based on quality, it is in the queue for revision pending later versions. For future reference, please help yourself to the MOD R&D standards form ( http://1drv.ms/1VFC2Wb), and work with a fellow clan member to play test and file submissions.

Now to the latest Upgrades.  SEPJv5, and SEairV2.  We've streamlined the process and trimmed out a majority of the common updated mods to be auto-updated through Workshop. This will help minimize the workload of updating, as well as allow us to create very small / mission specific addon packs. 

The directions can be found here, and as always you can always ask for help from SE4 members or higher

http://sicariuselitist.ic ... uired-found-here-3u5


Thank you all for your time, effort, contributions. I'm looking to an amazing year to come
and as always it couldn't be an official News letter without the Girl with Gun HD image.  You're welcome!

Sicarius Elitist C.O. 
Echo Team lead
SE6 Recovery One

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