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Operation Backstab (Recon OP)
12:00 PM Sat 16th Apr 2016 - 3:00 PM Sat 16th Apr 2016(GMT/UTC -8.0)
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The second operation in the Black Horizon campaign series.

          After the successful extraction of the traitorous WSO Ramsey, command (call sign Castle) has learned that a high ranking separatist official is currently in Gvozdno.  This official, Dimitri Rashkovich, is the man responsible for convincing Ramsey to defect. Originally, Castle had planned an assault on Gvozdno for next month but with Rashkovich in town the OP have been expedited to this week. Ramsey has informed Rashkovich of our plan of attack and they are making preparations to repel us. The separatist's are fortifying the eastern and northern roads into town, so expect heavy resistance in those directions. Rashkovich is a top priority for us as he is the first HVT we have identified and may lead to further Intel on the separatist forces. For the OP Castle has authorized the use of transportation air assets. Good luck Third Recon Sicarius.

CUP Terrains Core:  https://steamcommunity.co ... etails/?id=583496184
CUP Terrains Maps:  https://steamcommunity.co ... etails/?id=583544987
Leights OPFOR Pack:  http://steamcommunity.com ... etails/?id=509966175
AISS 3:  http://steamcommunity.com ... etails/?id=644291283
CBA_A3:  http://steamcommunity.com ... etails/?id=450814997
ACE 3:  http://steamcommunity.com ... etails/?id=463939057
Task Force Radio:  http://steamcommunity.com ... etails/?id=620019431
RHS USAF & AFRF:  http://www.rhsmods.org/

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11th Apr 2016
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