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Operation Berserk Blade (Recon OP)
12:00 PM Sat 9th Apr 2016 - 3:00 PM Sat 9th Apr 2016(GMT/UTC -8.0)
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First mission in "Black Horizon" a campaign on Chernarus myself and Darkkills are creating. It will be using a different set of mods from the normal SEPJ mods. If you plan to attend please download these mods by Friday. If you need any help please contact me by Friday as well so we can have everything ready to start on Saturday. The links to the mods are below.

CUP Terrains Core: https://steamcommunity.co ... etails/?id=583496184
CUP Terrains Maps: https://steamcommunity.co ... etails/?id=583544987
Leights OPFOR Pack: http://steamcommunity.com ... etails/?id=509966175
AISS 3: http://steamcommunity.com ... etails/?id=644291283
CBA_A3: http://steamcommunity.com ... etails/?id=450814997
ACE 3: http://steamcommunity.com ... etails/?id=463939057
Task Force Radio: http://steamcommunity.com ... etails/?id=620019431
RHS USAF & AFRF: http://www.rhsmods.org/

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8th Apr 2016
Hey Wardog, how do you feel about another folder called @Wardog with an addons folder containing the optional RHS compatibility files from ace? At your discretion it could also house ace_tracers. What do you say?
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8th Apr 2016
I'm still working on my Arma. I had to go through and delete all the files, not just uninstall Arma.

I'm having to work with a clean slate, which means I'm going to be downloading files all day. Hopefully that works. If it doesn't, I may have to reinstall not only Arma, but Steam as well, and completely refresh the entire extended file structure.

That's the last time I fuck around with the campaign mission files... fml.
4th Apr 2016
Very exciting. If the whole CUP_terrains is not on the menu, is the point of CUP_terrains_CORE to download it for later missions in the series, when the map will not be a vanilla franchise map but still rely on cannon assets? I am wondering if you are saving later map choices out as a surprise. I have only DL'd the whole thing and not it's parts broken out because we have not gone to the workshop for these and it's a small gain for the trouble. Not a big deal. I will be sure to get the separated format you are using. We should bring this up for adding to the Workshop list!
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