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SE, Apeiros, & TWC Joint Operation
12:30 PM Sat 27th Jun 2015 (GMT/UTC -8.0)
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Joint Operation with Apeiros and TWC
Operation name unknown

Operation start time 16:30 EST     Operation Briefing time 16:00 EST 
Sign in and pre-brief headcount  15:30 EST

Mission details as of today: Information subject to change

Era: Modern   Type: Air assault   Company Attachments: Parajump Rescue teams Time:  04:30 Weather:   Clear   Civilian Presence: low   

Overview: Break the Pakistan defensive line in FATA.

Situation: 3 weeks ago Pakistan threatened their neighboring country India with WMD’s. With this threat Pakistan forces have stepped up the defensive line in FATA as they expect an attack from the NATO forces that are still in Afghanistan. We currently have set up an FOB a few kilometers before the Pakistan defensive line. This has all the supplies necessary to conduct large operations in the region.    

Mission: Our mission is to break the pakistan defensive lines to ultimately allow NATO aircraft to fly seek and destroy missions into the heart of pakistan.   

Our primary objectives are:

-Capture enemy FOB -Eliminate enemy Radar. -Take out the enemy command and control center.

Enemy Force: There is around a company of infantry with APC and armour support operating on the defensive line and the surrounding objectives. Also we have had reports of an artillery site a few kilometers away offering support into the FATA region. They have set up several AA sites along the defensive line however there is an unknown amount of other defenses spread out across the defensive line.

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24th Jun 2015
Killerz will most likely NOT be attending. His computer is in the shop.
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