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Joint Operation Typhoon with Apeiros
12:00 PM Sat 20th Jun 2015 (GMT/UTC -8.0)
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Sicarius & Apeiros Joint Operation

Operation Typhoon
Apeiros and Sicarius will conduct missions to assist and protect disenfranchised  civilians from tyrannical invading forces after a typhoon and torrential rains have ravaged their Mediterranean island.

Operation Briefing begins at 1600 EST Saturday the 20th. 

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7th Jun 2015
Starting at mid-day, Pacific time is a bummer. I will spend the Summer working Saturdays until nine or ten EST. That is why I reached out to an Australian club to begin with- thinking to go in the other direction. Eventually, with more people taking part, we can stretch events over several days and arrange our own schedules in advance.
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