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Sicarius Team Speak
Forum » Sicarii's Mil-Sim forum » Teamspeak
Joined: 22nd Jul 2014
Rank: SE6
Likes 106
17th Aug 2014

Sicarii's Team Speak server information is as follows.

When logging in and registering, be sure to use a nickname identical to your XBL account name or Steam account name.
Utilize the appropriate channel for the game you are playing. 

Do not loiter in the lobby. If you are not currently in a game, and only using website resources then sitting in the lobby is admissible.

Do not blast music in the lobby. This is just noise pollution and it is very possible you have terrible taste in music. Try and keep it to yourself, or if you have to share it, post music videos in the General forum area.    

Always greet everyone when you come in. If you're in a game, you understand how frustrating it is to hear someone come in, and then have to alt+tab to find out who it is. By introducing yourself, you'll save everyone that step, and it's just a courtesy we practice here. 

If you go AFK, please notify someone with an estimated away time if it is brief. If you plan to leave your stuff on, and say... go to work, then please make use of the AFK channel. 
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Last Edit: 16th May 2016 by Recovery One
Joined: 12th Dec 2015
Rank: SE3
Likes 1
16th May 2016

By the way, the IP has changed:
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I'm in the Military and off at basic starting the 23rd of May.

Forum » Sicarii's Mil-Sim forum » Teamspeak
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