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The Zen Walker
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Joined: 31st Jul 2014
Rank: SE5
Likes 32
21st Oct 2014

My name has confused many. You won't be the first. My particular view of the battlefield is that it is a place of mathematical beauty. I choose to maintain a very samurai, and serene perspective of combat. It is not a place to lose your head... it is a place to remain calm.

Walking, in a state of Zen, amidst the ordered chaos... like a blade, finding its target where it is weakest. This mentality has worked for me in real combat, and it provides me the tools i need to be effective in video games. My ingenuity and resourcefulness are my best traits. I am not afraid to strike, but my ability to know WHERE to strike in order to critically disable and demoralize the enemy team, is a great asset to the team.

For that reason, on the field, I take an advisory role for Recovery. I constantly tap into the enemy's behavior patterns, and when I see a weakness to exploit, I make sure he is aware of it. My eye is always scanning.

Ive been with the clan for two years now. One of the biggest gaps I noticed with the clan is that it needs a lot of the busy work done, and a fair devil's advocate advisor in order to make sure all avenues are explored. I gladly provide what I can to see the success of this group, as my beliefs are aligned with the fundamental value system of Sicarius Elitist.

I think we have the best gaming group in existence. We rise and fall together.

We are one blade. We are one shadow.

We are the assassins elite.

"If you can't be safe, be deadly."

[SE5] TheZenWalker
Executive Officer
Sicarius Elitist

Forum » Forums » Who is Who
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