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I am Recovery!
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Joined: 22nd Jul 2014
Rank: SE6
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17th Aug 2014

I am the founder and CO of Sicarius Elitist. 
A brief history of this clan is that it is the second one I've founded and successfully run. The first, which was called Assassin Hybrids was created over 16 years ago for Socom online for the PlayStation platform. The clan honestly got too large and overtly competitive, and because there were so many different character types within, confrontations, anger, pettiness, a woman, child like behavior, and a loss of the meaning of team work lead to fractured units, lost friendships, and focus on fun. At it's peak, [AH] populated and ran several rosters, each with 16 members. Towards the end, out of over 80+ members, a separate interim special forces [ISF] unit was put together. This featured the highest caliber members handpicked for key roles. Words cannot due justice for what took place in that unit, but sincerely they were some of the fondest memories I still hold, and the thought of the tactical prowess get's me rock solid. 

As life sometimes happens, it became time to disband several of the units. People transitioned to different platforms, moved away, lost touch, and many passed away. [AH] was essentially retired. At least for me. I officially stepped down and handed control and the intellectual property permissions to my two top officers. [AH]'s status is unknown to this day.   

I long yearned for another group of individuals who shared my compassion for online gaming, who wanted to learn and hone skills, and venture into new online territory. I created Sicarius Elitist in honor of such fond memories, but AH was old hat, and so I chose Latin routes. Sicarius Elitist translated is roughly Chosen Assassins. I have hand picked and extended invitations to each member based on character, experience, professionalism, drive and honor. Key traits needed for success and cohesiveness. We are called Sicarii, and our story is just getting started. Welcome to the T.E.A.M, and remember, Together Everyone Accomplishes More. 
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Forum » Forums » Who is Who
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