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I am Paul Ryan
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1st Jan 2016


Here is a brief but not too long introduction of myself

I have been a fan of the Armed Assault (ArmA) Franchise ever since I randomly stumbled upon the ArmA (2006) website, back in 2007. The detailed description of the game itself was just tad enough to convince me that this is the game I am looking for, a game with detailed tactical realism. 5 years later, I find myself playing ArmA 2, along with it's expansion packs Operation: Arrowhead, British Armed Forces, Private Military Company and Army of Czech Republic and DayZ mod. Just playing this amazing game made by Bohemia Interactive has been the gameplay experience of my life when it come to First Person Shooters, and I never looked back. 

Upon finding out more about this ArmA 3 unit, this is probably the unit that stands out the most to me, which prompted me to join this prestigious unit. What really made this unit stand out is the variety of missions that this unit does, not just focus on one theme and so on. Another aspect is the teamwork and camaraderie that is in this unit which I look forward to the most. 

I am an all-round player who wants to try out a variety of positions in this unit when on missions and use them as learning experience. Having been told that this unit does carrier ops and air operations, I really would like to play as WSO of an F/A-18F Super Hornet.

In life, I aspire both to become a member of the Canadian Armed Forces as an Infantry Soldier, and become a police officer which has been my lifelong goal. 

I've yet to play my first operation with members of this unit. 

And that's all there is about myself. 

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