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New mod going live for Operation Malignancy
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Joined: 22nd Jul 2014
Rank: SE6
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7th Mar 2015

Hey guys, I've created the SEPJ mod that includes all the things we have tested and love to date. I've also created a sandbox template that includes everything you'd really need to create missions on your own. These can be found on the OneDrive.

A map template for Altis can also be found, and the process for implanting it is quite simple. Just PM me, and I can either walk you through or remote access your setup.

If you are currently running @SEPJ, you will notice that an updated version is uploaded. Some items have been removed, and a few included to reduce the need for the @SEPJ supplement.   
Easiest recommendation is to download this one, implement it, and scrap entirely the old @SEPJ

-skipIntro -nosplash -mod=@CBA_A3;@task_force_radio;@DragonFyre;@SEPJv2;

This upcoming mission I have created is ground warfare focused. It is going to be a two part mission. Initial strike is to take key enemy structures offline. This is in the form of enemy AA, and radar facilities, as well as cripple large known enemy bases. US Prisoners of war have also been captured, a rescue effort is in-process. Enemy forces are ruthless, so its imperative that AA is taken offline so recovery efforts can be made. As part of a Special Forces unit, you will make your way through enemy territory with low profile civilian vehicles to designate and destroy facilities. Enemy air assets in the form of helicopters will need to be eliminated to prevent HVTs from moving, and receiving supplies. that is all for now.
The second assault will be based on gathered Intel from this op. Stage 2 will be a night op bombing mission utilizing  the carrier S.S. Stutterer and x3 F-18F aircraft with 6 total airmen needed. 3 pilots, 3 WSOs.  to destroy known HVT hideouts to disrupt the command chain. 

This will clearly stir the hornets nest and will draw out embedded enemy forces. Further mission updates will follow. 
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Last Edit: 7th Mar 2015 by Recovery One
Joined: 31st Jul 2014
Rank: SE5
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9th Mar 2015

I can zeus for this if you need me to.

Also, it's probably best if you test this before game night. Let me know. I will be available Wednesday.

"If you can't be safe, be deadly."

[SE5] TheZenWalker
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Forum » Sicarii's Mil-Sim forum » Arma 3
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