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Event RSVP and mission start time conduct
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Joined: 22nd Jul 2014
Rank: SE6
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25th Jul 2016

To simplify the process and to assure that those who plan to participate in scheduled events can do so, we will now be expediting "actual" mission start times.

If you wish to participate in a planned Sicarius event, it is critical to mission creation that you mark yourself as attending. This allows the creation team to provide enough slots, and adjust the values in game so that it is both challenging and fun.

If you do not wish to attend, It will also help to mark yourself as not attending. This again assures the correct amount of slots, and let's the creators know ahead of time how to plan for story telling purposes etc.

Mission start times will be no later than (15)minutes from the time it is posted to start. 
Everyone should plan to be 5-10min ahead, or at least be punctual. This 15 minute window is Reserved for technical set backs or (simple incapability) i.e. wrong mod-sets, or restarts. It also serves as an excellent opportunity to utilize the VR Arsenal to set up your load-outs. 

If for an unforeseen reason you have RSVP'd as attending but are late. Please leave a comment on the event stating when you plan to arrive. This will help out your team, and should be a general courtesy practice so as not to hold up their limited time. Meaning that others can start the briefing/outfitting process, and you can be hot briefed on arrival.

Once missions are slated, those who have RSVP'd have priority over other guest, in a first come first serve fashion. If someone does not make it to the event or notify being tardy, there slot is available (15)min after the event start time. Slots again will be first come, first serve, for those who are ready and waiting in stand-by. 

Hopefully this clears up our procedures, and helps expedite mission launch, therefore increasing actual play time, and fun!

Thanks for you time. Look forward to seeing you in game!
-Recovery One

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Forum » Sicarii's Mil-Sim forum » Arma 3
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